• Pilot Planning Manager

Industry Automobile / Auto Ancillary
Location Maharashtra Pune
Experience Range 6 - 10 Years
Qualification BE
Not active

Functional Engineering Design / R&D
Job Description
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Roles and Responsibility

Job Description:

Job Title: Pilot-Planning Manager

Experience: 6 to 10 years

Location: Pune

Notice period: Immediate to 15days


Roles & responsibilities:

  •        Vehicle Fleet Management: Overseeing the company's vehicle fleet, which may include cars, trucks, vans, or specialized vehicles, to ensure they are used efficiently and effectively.
  •        Budget Management: Developing and managing budgets related to vehicle acquisition, maintenance, fuel, and other operational costs. This includes cost analysis and cost reduction strategies.
  •        Vehicle Acquisition: Assessing the company's vehicle needs, selecting appropriate vehicles, negotiating with suppliers or dealerships, and overseeing the purchase or leasing process.
  •        Route Planning: Developing and optimizing efficient routes for vehicles to minimize fuel consumption, reduce delivery times, and improve overall productivity.
  •        Maintenance and Repairs: Scheduling and overseeing regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle fleet. This may also involve managing relationships with maintenance providers and workshops.
  •        Compliance and Regulations: Ensuring that all vehicles comply with local, state, and federal regulations, including emissions standards, safety requirements, and licensing.
  •        Driver Management: Recruiting, training, and supervising drivers to ensure they adhere to safety regulations and company policies. This may also involve monitoring driver performance and addressing any issues.
  •        Fuel Management: Managing fuel procurement, consumption tracking, and implementing fuel-saving strategies to control costs and reduce environmental impact.
  •        Inventory Control: Overseeing the inventory of spare parts, tools, and equipment required for vehicle maintenance and repairs.
  •        Data Analysis: Collecting and analyzing data related to vehicle operations, such as mileage, fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and driver behavior, to identify areas for improvement.
  •        Environmental Sustainability: Implementing eco-friendly practices, such as adopting electric or hybrid vehicles, to reduce the environmental impact of the vehicle fleet.
  •        Emergency Response: Developing and implementing emergency response plans in case of accidents, breakdowns, or other unforeseen events involving company vehicles.
  •        Vendor Relationships: Establishing and maintaining relationships with vehicle suppliers, service providers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders.
  •        Reporting: Generating reports and presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) to management to track the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of vehicle operations.
  •        Continuous Improvement: Identifying opportunities for process improvement and cost reduction within the vehicle planning and management function.
  •   Successful Vehicle Planning Managers need strong analytical, organizational, and leadership skills. They must also stay updated on industry trends, regulations, and emerging technologies to make informed decisions that benefit the company's bottom line.
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